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Smoke machine clip-001
Sarah is in her house, playing with the smoke machine, she is giving herself a massive smoke bath!
Length: 4:21 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-002
Ticha vs sun-shine, ticha is blasting poor sun-shine that is tied up good to the table, She is blasting her little face over and over, she loves to be in control of the smoke machine!
Length: 4:55 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-003
Sun-shine vs Ticha, now its Sun-shine's turn to get her VERY smoky revenge she use the smoke machine over and over to cream Ticha's face, its simply smoky!!
Length: 6:27 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-004
Part-1 of the smoky trio! Angy and her friend are smoking a cigarette and looking at themslef in the miror, while smoke master Ticha comes along and spook them while smoking them up good with the smoke machine direct face blows and lots of them!
Length: 4:24 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-005
Part-2 of the smoky trio! Ticha and Blair are in the bedroom enjoying a good cigarette when all of a sudden Angy comes in with the smoke machine and try to choke them with the smoke, direct face blow totally smoke out!
Length: 5:14 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-006
Part-3 of the smoky trio! all 3 girls are sitting on the bed and Blair is controlling the smoke machine, while she smokes a cigarette, she smoke up each girl one by one, till the smoke was too think they then move on to the bathroom, where the smoke torture continues, it was VERY VERY smoky and dense!
Length: 4:02 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-007
Part-4 of the smoky trio! WoW ticha is smoking a cigarette and now she has the control over the girls via her smoke machine, she feeds them smoke and make sure that each girls have there fair amount of total face blow while she enjoying smoking them up good!
Length: 4:58 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-008
Part-5 of the smoky trio! Angy and Blair are relaxing enjoying a good cigarette they are smoke exchanging there cigarette smoke till Smoke master ticha comes along and OMFG she totally creamed there life away at a certain point there was too much smoke for the girls, they fall on the floor, but that did not stop ticha she kept on going!
Length: 5:27 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-009
Ticha and Angy are in the kitchen relaxing and smoking a cigarette, when Blair pop up with the smoke machine all hell breaks lose, the girls are getting fog out good direct face blow till they choke hard, Blair shows no mercy for she has the smoking power!
Length: 6:40 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-010
check this out, this is a smoke machine and yes it produce a chit ton of smoke;) both girls takes there turn engulfing one and other each there turn, its was a VERY smoky shoot
Length: 4:10 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-011
Smoke machine power, bii and her friend, bii has VERY weak lungs, so any chance she has to smoke up someone she does it;), she goes all out blasting her poor friend point blank in the face!
Length: 4:56 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-012
Smoke machine massacre series, bii is pinned to the wall and there is no escape for her, at the other is a good friend of hers she also knows that bii has VERY weak lungs but yet she did not show any mercy for her friend, she blast her over and over with the smoke machine, its plain sick!!
Length: 5:17 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-013
Mom and young daughter Caro, are playing with the smoke machine, yes these girls are crazy about smoke and it show, they both take there turn. to smoke blast the other point blank in the face, its a pretty nice smoke dream from mom and daughter!!
Length: 5:32 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-014
Ticha, bibi and verotix are outside playing evil smoke machine game, the effect is just plain kool, the girls are getting totally smoked they even put the smoke tube right into there mouth, its pricelless!
Length: 5:52 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-015
Smoke machine battle now its ticha VS Sarah, Ticha is smoking a good cigarette while she is smoking up poor Sarah, you see the face of Ticha is VERY happy to smoke her up and abusing her little  lungs!!
Length: 5:09 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-016
Its time to rejoice for Sarah its her turn in power of the smoke machine!!! she lets Ticha have it good its personal ;)  in the end both girls are outside being attack by a evil unknown person with the smoke machine the hug and try to live true this smoke machine attack!
Length: 6:46 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-017
Evil ticha is in total control of the smoke machine, and know she has 2 victim, to smoke abuse with the smoke machine ;) she blast then one by one till they are passed out, and then she really abuse, to wave her smoky victory she smokes her self!!
Length: 5:07 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-018
Ticha and her good friend are smoking and relaxing till this blonde girl comes in and start to smoke them up real good and hard, the girls try to avoid but to no avail, she keeps on smoking them up till they both fall to the ground and then she don't stop she is exterminating them with the smoke machine!
Length: 5:21 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-019
Ticha is the one in control of the smoke in this clip ;), she just love to smoke up other girls, its like her passion now:), she smokes up Bianca and barby, she goes in many different way in there sweater in there hair and in there mouth its a pure delight to see all these happening!
Length: 5:25 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-020
Its Bianca turn to have total control over the smoke via the smoke machine!!, she smokes but of the girls in there hair/mouth/sweater, its just incredible to see all that smoke coming from there hair etc
Length: 4:44 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-021
lol ticha is at it again, she is having so much fun playing with the poor girls, they are her own personal smoke victim, she creams them everywhere with the smoke machine!
Length: 5:35 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-022
this is the last part of the series, the girls are filling a container full of smoke over and over they are just amazed at the smoke effect the full container gives when they open it up!
Length: 6:05 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-023
Barby is one mean girl when it comes to smoke....she is a none-smoker IRL but love to expose others to the smoke machine treatment!!
Length: 5:12 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-024
Its anny's turn and she means it!!! she show no mercy for her weak friend none-smoker she decided to smoke her up real good and it show!!
Length: 6:13 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-025
Caro and her mom are enjoying a good cigarette, but there is a mystery person that comes in and smoke them up REAL good with the smoke machine!!
Length: 6:01 Price: $6


Oldest clips Pages 01 02  NEWEST clips Pages


make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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