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NEWEST clips added 15 June 2018

Hands over mouth

Hand over mouth clip-51

Levy in total control and she is emjoying it, you cam witness this in her evil eyes has she smother the loser with her hands in the position that she was, lets just say that this guy was totaly rocked hard-core by her hands over mouth skills!!

Length: 3:58 Price: $6


Hand over mouth clip-52

Flat in is stomach the loser is about to get totaly pwn by godly Cinthia, she shows no mercy smotering him good!!

Length: 4:05 Price: $6


Hand over mouth clip-53

Poor Bibi she got smothered hard-core at the grasp of Pat (maddy) she dont have a big lung capacity and he did add a blast totaly abusing her weakness!!

Length: 4:22 Price: $6


Hand over mouth clip-54

Bii is hand smothering her BFF Ivana, it was a nice sight to see, Bii add very long nails Ivana was scared to lose a eye, plus the fact that Bii was in control of her breathing via her hands!!

Length: 4:16 Price: $6


Hand over mouth clip-55

Its time for Ivana to get her sweet revenge on Bii, she was there in the bedroom checking her phone when Ivana came into the room, her started to get behing her to get a good grasp, lets just say that it was great, and I love her face when she is on a power tryp like this, hand smothering her good!!

Length: 4:22 Price: $6



Spit clip-840

Bii on a spitting power trip, she add very long nails and she used to forced open the losers mouth to make sure all her spits goes deep down into is troath, no mercy for the weak!!

Length: 4:15 Price: $6


Spit clip-841

the loser head stuck in the torture table the loser was at the mercy of Cinthia and Levy, these girls spit face drenched hard and smoked the life of of him, to add to the degradation they ash on is face to make him understand is place!

Length: 4:25 Price: $6


Spit clip-842

Audrey is looking right at you has she hock up some nice spit to deliver point blank drenching is face, the angle and Audrey where perfect!

Length: 4:29 Price: $6


Spit clip-843

Cinthia was in GOD mode she add all the power a spitting female should have, she hocks good, then go right for the loser, force open is mouth with much control (incredible) them unload all of her godly spit point blank into is mouth!

Length: 4:29 Price: $6


Spit clip-844

Being in front of smoke BomB amy and Mel is like a spit dream for some, but yeah its reaaly degrading and you feel like losing any pride left if there is any to lose ;) real nice thick and sticky loogies from 2 spit godesses!

Length: 4:15 Price: $6


glamour smoking

Glam clip-1917

MiMi with a nice shirth showing her curves, taking her drags and then taking a step towards you to exhales all her godly smoke point blank in your face!!

Length: 3:39 Price: $6


Glam clip-1918

Smoke Bomb Amy smoking like a train in her kitchen, I just love seing her smoke multiple like this, she produce mass amout of godly smoke!!

Length: 3:50 Price: $6

Glam clip-1919

Stunning audrey deep inhaling on her cigarette so deep she sucks you in and then you out, yes she is that stunning in this great clip!!

Length: 3:57 Price: $6


Glam clip-1920

Levy smoking on top and exhaling down on you, I dont know but this girl makes smoking looks so relaxing and the thing is that she is blowing it down on you!!

Length: 4:39 Price: $6


Glam clip-1921

Cinthia and her RL friend Levy smoking atthe table talking about anything (in french) the main focus is the talking exhales, they are full fleged smoker and it shows!!

Length: 5:29 Price: $6



force clip-883

at the smoking mercy of Smoke BomB Amy, she is control total smoking control of him, she can do has she please and for now she is inflating him tight, has she blows her smoke she pinch is nose to make sure it all goes deep down!!!

Length: 3:24 Price: $6


force clip-884

When it comes to to smoke engulf cancer boy, Bii is a pro and she loves it too, its even scary has she engulf cancer boy she pays attention to hold her cigarette under is face for max DMG!!

Length: 4:25 Price: $6

force clip-885

Stunning Audrey looking beautyfull, is smoking up cancer boy point blank into is long gone lungs and she keep on going, inflating him him good with her lovely poison!

Length: 3:27 Price: $6


force clip-886

BiBi is and always will be a power smoker in what ever she does, and this includes force smoking, poor guy in the gas mask she puffed him away in about 2min thats some major force smoking in the gas mask, she is a naturel ;)

Length: 2:14 Price: $6


force clip-887

Levy pinned to the wall, she add no idea what it was like to be force to smoke, by 2 pros Chealsea and Ticha, and are taking big drags and face blow her right in her nose, since her mouth was duct tape shut for good measure, lets just say that she add her dose, and we where pleased!!

Length: 3:46 Price: $6



Cigar clip-660

Cigar smoking with Ticha is always eye candy, this girl has a godly cigar smoking style and enjoys it and it shows ;) have fun!!!

Length: 9:56 Price: $6


Cigar clip-661

Cinthia was in a playful mood, with her ponytails and her big cigar, she sure can make any cigar lover dream for a long time, I love to watch this girl huff and puff, inhale her big cigar like she does!!

Length: 4:34 Price: $6

Cigar clip-662

Tall is back for some nice cigar dangling action huffing, puffing, exhaling all that nice strong smoke!!!

Length: 4:12 Price: $6

Cigar clip-663

Levy first cigar and its was incredible, with her pony tails and unique style she is dangling it all the way, all in all its was a GODLY cigar smoking lip from Levy!!

Length: 4:34 Price: $6

Cigar clip-664

We went and see Sexy Melanie in her house for a cigar shooting cause we know that she really can handle her cigar ;) she is dangling it and enjoying puffing hard on her cigar to leave a great cigar smell all over her house!!

Length: 4:42 Price: $6

Ticha's Fantasy

force clip-858

Bounded hard to the torture Banch and Ticha was in a wicked mood, inflate is lungs with her deadly smoke and chaing 2 cigarettes in a row lets just say that she put a mortgage on is lung for her pleasure!!

Length:7:25 Price: $6

burp clip-214

Yes ticha can burp loud. and she is a real cutie pie her look and attitude is simply to be dreamed of!!!

Length: 4:20 Price: $6

Tickling clip-275

a litlle prensent for Ticha a bounded Jess the bratt at her total tickling mercy, we all know that she is VERy ticklish and Ticha a real mean tickling machine!!!

Length: 4:17 Price: $6


Glam clip-1896

Ticha smoking a good cigarette in her kitcheen candid style she is just doing (indulging) what she do best and we love her for it!!

Length: 4:43 Price: $6


force clip-887

Levy pinned to the wall, she add no idea what it was like to be force to smoke, by 2 pros Chealsea and Ticha, and are taking big drags and face blow her right in her nose, since her mouth was duct tape shut for good measure, lets just say that she add her dose, and we where pleased!!

Length: 3:46 Price: $6



Cough clip-215

it was early morning and ticha was struggling for air like always but yeah, that wont stop her from smoking a good cigarette you can ear her lungs has she cough its deep and wet!!

Length: 2:57 Price: $6

Cough clip-216

Weak lungs Bii is back, for our pleasure!! she is really stunning enjoying her cigarette and sport a really godly smokers cough!!

Length: 4:12 Price: $6

Cough clip-217

This girl is simply a amazing cougher seriously, such a young beauty with lungs like this because of her smoking habit, is just plain incredible and to be able to ear her is pure joy!!!

Length: 4:49 Price: $6

Cough clip-218

I just love to ear Jess the brat coughing like this you can feel her lungs are really sick godly kind of coughing and girl!!!

Length: 4:14 Price: $6

Cough clip-219

Its been such a long time we all missed bibi for sure, we add the chance to go and see her and she add a cold and OMFG her coughing was incredible its a must!!!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6

Sun-shine's domain

Feet clip-117

Sun-shine love to control weak men in lots of different way, but with her feet's this was new for her, she is looking at the loser doing a good clean up of her dirty feet's with such disgust for him!!!

Length: 4:13 Price: $5

Feet clip-118

Sun-shine is a very strong and dominate girl IRL, she is on top while the loser is on the floor she is controlling foot boy, she takes a good pause to spit down on his face to drench it, then to add to the humiliation she rubs it hard with her foot on is face, total male degradation!!!

Length: 7:39 Price: $5

Glam clip-1832

Sun-shine is back with with a bang in this very smoky clip she is featured with semi side exhales!!

Length: 4:33 Price: $5

Feet clip-123

To have the honor to be at such a goddesses feets like this has she talk to you down there, smoking a cigarette and spitting in a glass is simply the best humiliation one could ever get!!

Length: 8:06 Price: $5

Feet clip-126

Sun-shine is one of our top girl and she has feet's to for, even at a point that she brings her foot right to her mouth to indulge herself!!!

Length: 5:33 Price: $5


Smoke Kiss

Smoke kiss clip-081
2 real lesbian with INCREDIBLE smoking style, the kiss was awesome since they do it on a daily base and Wow the smoking is pretty good huge pop inhales mix that all toghter and you get a VERY good smoke kiss clip!
Length: 5:06 Price: $5

Smoke kiss clip-082
Angy and her Best friend where in party mode dancing smoking kissing, they are what i call a VERY smoky and sensual kissing duet!
Length: 4:45 Price: $5

Smoke kiss clip-083
Bibi came to the studio with a VERY shy girl, this girl never EVER kissed another girl, and smoking at the same time....yeah lets just say that bibi tough her real face how to smoke kiss with a girl;)
Length: 4:45 Price: $5

Smoke kiss clip-084
OMG Bibi and verotix, are simply the best smoke kiss duet ever, they have the sensuality plus the smoking style, and there cousin..... ;)
Length: 4:51 Price: $5

Smoke kiss clip-085
Mel and dania are best friend IRL, in this clip they are feeling pretty at there ease just smoking real close to each other and doing some very nice sexy smoke exchange!
Length: 4:20 Price: $5


burp clip-213

Cinthia the mighty burper was on party mode with her good friend Val you can see them in action in the fist 10 sec but then its back to your fav Burper Cinthia and yes OMFG do I love this girl!!

Length: 4:46 Price: $6

burp clip-214

Yes ticha can burp loud. and she is a real cutie pie her look and attitude is simply to be dreamed of!!!

Length: 4:20 Price: $6

burp clip-215

Its been a long time coming but yes, finaly Tall is back for a VERY nice burp you over clip!!!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6


burp clip-216

Cinthia was in Brat Mode, she was feeling up to par whit another girl in the world for burping skillz, she did give us a VERY nice burping session and we thank her a lot for this, nice burper and yes WE love her!!!

Length: 4:37 Price: $6

burp clip-217

We all know the burping hotness of Tall we asked her to step in the shower for a nice burping sound effect plus she gets incased in her burping smell!!!

Length: 4:40 Price: $6

Mouth and Vore

mouth and giantesse clip-297

Mel is a real stunner IRL and she has a real big mouth to for, seriously to have the honor to explore here mouth is a honor, and this time she went all out to pay us a visit in the 4 corners!!!!

Length: 4:15 Price: $6


mouth and giantesse clip-298

The perfect mouth exploration of young Roxy, she has the looks and mouth to for, she is young and we CANT get enough of her, we could have stayed there all night long just plunging deep and explore all of her young mouth!!

Length: 4:14 Price: $6


mouth and giantesse clip-299

We all love Smoke Bomb amy for her beauty and attitude but when it comes time for her total mouth exploration not one corner was neglected and it was epic!!!

Length: 4:09 Price: $6


mouth and giantesse clip-300

Giantess and beauty of life Audrey, shows you what she does to this little poor men and manage to do a perfect mouth exploration showing off the mouth space there is for the little men, we would pay VERY good money to be in is place!!!

Length: 4:09 Price: $6


mouth and giantesse clip-301

Yes Jess the brat earn her name cause she is a real life brat she loves to tease and have fun, she is showing off her mouth and tongue so we can go in deep, we even add the chance to explore in deep the total!!

Length: 4:11 Price: $6


Balloons and Bubble-Gum

Balloon clip-088
Annie looks just like the girl next door, but yeah she is a power blower, she has leather lungs, and ballons for her are no problem to blow thm till it pops!  
Length: 3:05 Price: $5

Balloon clip-090
Bii is a very stunning brunette with a Massive scare of ballons and when they pop, she manage to pump a lot of smoke into her balloon, then went all out blowing and blowing till it pop'ed right in her face, her reation is just plain unreal!!
Length: 4:31 Price: $5

Bubble-gum clip-079
Bubble gum blowing master, Ticha is just plain a bubble-gum blowing dream come true, she controls the very essence of bubble-gum blowing;)

Length: 4:46 Price: $5

Bubble-gum clip-080
Godly smoking style, with godly bubblegum blowing skilz, if you mix both of them, the end result is a BIG smoke bubble blowing explosion!
Length: 5:56 Price: $5


Glam clip-1489

Bibi is chewing a big bubble gum and smoking at the same time, she tries focusing and blowing big bubble with her smoke and gum, this is pure even for people that loves to see the girls holding there smoke inside for a long time plus re-inhaling it!!!!

Length:4:11 Price: $5


Feet Fetish

Feet clip-124

The eyes and face of Ivana tells you everything to see Sarah at her foot like almost kissing them to indulged herself in her bad habit its a must!!

Length: 4:53 Price: $5

Feet clip-125

Foot boy was at the total mercy of evil Cynthia, and she was on fire, the way she looked at him she was the boss and loving having him at her mercy has she takes pictures of him with her phone has he was licking clean her foot is godly!!

Length: 4:40 Price: $5

Feet clip-126

Sun-shine is one of our top girl and she has feet's to for, even at a point that she brings her foot right to her mouth to indulge herself!!!

Length: 5:33 Price: $5


Feet clip-127

Ticha loves control total control, and once she has it you are a goner she will ignoring you for ever, while you are there stupid at her mercy licking her feet's clean!!!!

Length: 5:29 Price: $5


Feet clip-128

It's bibi's turn to smoke off the foot of Tall, and yes she has longue feets, bibi is feeling good at her place smoking of her foot!

Length: 3:31 Price: $5



Tickling clip-278

Yes the part we all ove its Levy's sweet time for her tickling revenge on her good friend cinthia, lets just say that cinthia is a real ticklish girl and levy loves to see her bounded and at her mercy like that!!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6

Tickling clip-279

Mona pinned down on the torture banch and she has no idea in how much trouble she is in....ticha our best and most feared tickler is going all out no mercy tickling!!

Length: 4:35 Price: $6


Tickling clip-280

Mona was totally on a power tryp, she add a blast seeing this faggot so ticklish its not even funny its pure torture for him to no avail!!

Length: 3:00 Price: $6


Tickling clip-281

Sarah is a very proud and strong girl, she add a blast and was all over her bounded friend MiMi and lets just say that she gave her a real nice tick shot ;)

Length: 4:13 Price: $6


Tickling clip-282

Yes finally BiBi is back and Very tickling like always she just cant stand it, and the bonus is that yes its was pat (Maddy) that made her lived her worst tickling nightmare while she was bounded and totally t is mercy!!

Length: 4:22 Price: $6


Men smoking

men smoking clip-22

So pat was getting drunk on rum and coke, he is a smoking power house playing the bad boy in this clip, talking about the girls of smokingclipshd he was having a last!!

Length: 5:08 Price: $5

men smoking clip-23

Pat was in need of some heavy smoking, on his back side view hard drags nose exhaling delight its a must!!

Length: 3:27 Price: $5


men smoking clip-24

Pat is having gender trouble, so he went off and get is hormones with the endocrinologue, so yeah he is now at 50mg of androcur and 2x patch of estradot 100mg, he is smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time and talking a lot about what's happing ( coming out, girls friend ticha, internal and external change) this might be the start of something big for pat!!

Length: 7:56 Price: $5

men smoking clip-25

Well yeah Pat is still on is HRT MTF on testoterone blockers and some nice estrogen patch, he is getting feminized slowly but surely, anywayz he is smoking a good cigarette and talking a litlle big about is transition, chainsmoking 2 cigarettes in a row!

Length: 5:56 Price: $5

men smoking clip-26

a very smoky clips with Maddy (pat) normal glam smoking clip lots of talking and explaining whats going on!!!

Length: 4:13 Price: $5

Smoke Machine

Smoke machine clip-035

Sophie is nose exhaling her cigarette smoke, and taking a nice smoke Bath with the help of the smoke machine!!

Length: 3:03 Price: $5

Smoke machine clip-036

Cinthia was ina small bathroom, smoking a good cigarette nose exhaling and smoking up some more, and she loves smoke so much that she needed to have even more, so she gets smoke blasted with the mighty smoke machine on top of that!

Length: 4:40 Price: $5

Smoke machine clip-037

Sophie is smoking a cigarette nose exhaling and relaxing, she loves smoke so much she wanted to be totaly surrounded in smoke, so she gives herself a real nice smoke bath with the smoke machine while nose exhaling!

Length: 7:08 Price: $5

Smoke machine clip-038

In front of you Cinthia is smoking a cigarette nose exhaling and enjoyin a real good smoke bath, she wanted more smoke so she gives her self a good smoke bath!!

Length: 5:16 Price: $5

Smoke machine clip-039

Sophie smoking a cigarette nose exhaling, and she loves smoke so much she that beteween each drags she gives herslef a nice smoke bath with the smoke machine!

Length: 5:19 Price: $5






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