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men smoking clip-1

Very nice smoking from Pat on a VERY VERY hot summer day in the car, windows rolled up good chaining 2 cigarettes in a row in aVERY smoked up car!

Length: 6:16 Price: $6

men smoking clip-2

Pat is talking to you in english, about force smoking and what he would do to you, and let me tell you its fucking evil, from a real pro smoker point of view!

Length: 5:12 Price: $6

men smoking clip-3

nose exhaling power smoking double draggin in the bed before going to sleep!

Length: 3:11 Price: $6

men smoking clip-4

Pat was in a wicked mood, fire up a nice fat cigar and putting on the gas mask on his slave that is bounbd the the torture bench, he control all the elements now, poor pascal he must suffer all that thick cigar can feel the slave strugling!

Length: 5:52 Price: $56

men smoking clip-5 

Now that Pascal is all warmed up pat smoke abuse him with a full flavor cigarette controling his head like a smoke puppet!

Length: 5:59 Price: $6

men smoking clip-6

Pascal is power smoking 2 complete 100mm pall mall speed and power smoking in your face!

Length: 5:49 Price: $6

men smoking clip-7

Now pascal wanted a litlle smoking revenge, put him on a dog collar, light up a bunch of cigarette put them all in the ashtray and made sure is head was force to stay underneat the smoothering ashtray, he is also smoking a cigarette and blowing him all is smoke!

Length: 2:28 Price: $6

men smoking clip-8

Before going to bed, pat was feeling sexy and was in need for a smoke, deep deep inhaling from a triple power draggin, smoke entense!

Length: 3:22 Price: $6

men smoking clip-9

last part od pascal smoke torment, and PAT wanted a big smoking final for the litlle guy, a big cigar in the smoke tube, the smoke was so dense and thick the poor guy could not even breath proprely!

Length: 3:38 Price: $6

men smoking clip-10

First time for pat to feel alitlle girly ;), smoking a much needed cigarette deep inhaling to the max, let me tell you that once he finish deep inhaling there is not much smoke left to exhale;)

Length: 3:51 Price: $6

men smoking clip-11

Pat was getting wasted and was in a wicked mood, he is drinking some real heavy rhum and coke smoking a cigarette and talking to you, has he smokes is cigarette he puits all is cigarette right into is drink and keeps on smoking talking and ashing in his drink, try following him!

Length: 5:38 Price: $6

men smoking clip-13

Pat and Pascal in front of each other, smoking up a storm in each others face while talking!

Length: 5:57 Price: $6

men smoking clip-14

Pat was in a very smoky mood, power smoking real hot and fast smoking up your litlle world, you are now under is smoky control, chain smoking 2 cigarettes in a row!!

Length: 3:37 Price: $6

men smoking clip-15

Pat wanted to show is feminine side a little bit with a new hair-do, he is smoking and trying to lure you into is big clouds of smoke, nice smoking style and attitude!!

Length: 3:45 Price: $6

men smoking clip-16

when it comes to smoking pat is the real smoke master power smoking dangling in the car while driving he smokes hard and fast filling up the smoke full of nice smoke!

Length: 2:58 Price: $6

men smoking clip-17

Pat topless double draggin and delivering thick and huge amount of smoke your way, ingulfing you tigh in his dreamy smoke!!!

Length: 3:19 Price: $6

men smoking clip-18

Pat was feeling sexy and smoky in the living room smoking it up good, with big clouds of smoke he is totaly playing with is massive exhales!!

Length: 3:13 Price: $6

men smoking clip-19

Yeah Pat was Drunk and VERY sad in this clip, still smoking hard he just add a real broke up with Ticha because yes he was her boyfriend, he talk about ticha and all about her and how much he loves her....but she is not ready to come back, hearth broken story while smoking, this is a must see clip to know more about the people behing

Length: 7:17 Price: $6

men smoking clip-20

A very white clips, pat was in a good mod glam smoking, very thick cloud of smoke, he was feeling a little girl this time!!!

Length: 4:02 Price: $6

men smoking clip-21

It was a very nice warm summer day, Pat wanted to try Ticha's brnad new fiat, nice smoking style and great nose exhales in the sun light!!

Length: 3:47 Price: $6

men smoking clip-22

So pat was getting drunk on rum and coke, he is a smoking power house playing the bad boy in this clip, talking about the girls of smokingclipshd he was having a last!!

Length: 5:08 Price: $6

men smoking clip-23

Pat was in need of some heavy smoking, on his back side view hard drags nose exhaling delight its a must!!

Length: 3:27 Price: $6

men smoking clip-24

Pat is having gender trouble, so he went off and get is hormones with the endocrinologue, so yeah he is now at 50mg of androcur and 2x patch of estradot 100mg, he is smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time and talking a lot about what's happing ( coming out, girls friend ticha, internal and external change) this might be the start of something big for pat!!

Length: 7:56 Price: $6

men smoking clip-25

Well yeah Pat is still on is HRT MTF on testoterone blockers and some nice estrogen patch, he is getting feminized slowly but surely, anywayz he is smoking a good cigarette and talking a litlle big about is transition, chainsmoking 2 cigarettes in a row!

Length: 5:56 Price: $6

men smoking clip-26

a very smoky clips with Maddy (pat) normal glam smoking clip lots of talking and explaining whats going on!

Length: 4:13 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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